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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Aunt Flo Salutes The Mo

Guilt - that is what I feel now when I go to my poor, neglected blog. It isn't that I haven't missed writing to you all. It's really more a matter of either being a)too busy, b)too tired c)having nothing to say or d) being too melancholy.

It's just the way it is...

Anyhow, I'm thinking through the details for a new blog and will link to it when it is up and ready to go.

In the mean time, if you live in town you won't want to miss this month's installment of The Monthly Show with Aunt Flo. Honoring the GLBT community during pride week is a privilege for Aunt Flo as she has many homosexual friends (as well as friends of undetermined sexuality). Featuring comic Shawn Hollenbach, an old friend of Flo's named Preference Turner and other surprises in store.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Prattle on, dear girl...

Hello again. Long time no typing. I have, of course, thought of you all but life seems to be a constant interruption. I find myself wishing that there was a computer that I could order to record the keystrokes of my addled brain but then I'd be posting so frequently you'd all be frightened and consumed with overexposure to neurotic behavior.

My current theory is that I'd get more done if I had a laptop but I'd find another distraction I'm sure. The greater likelihood i8s that I'll get a new desk. I moved my desktop computer into the living room because I wanted the bedroom to be just for sleeping - and of course my masturbatorium.
Dr. Finch: Hope! How dare you come in here! This is my masturbatorium! side note - I just saw Running With Scissors on dvd and I have to tell you not to bother especially if you liked the book. I also recently read this article that made me question everything I read/watched.

I went to Florida for our 2nd annual (so far) trip to Florida. Kelson, Tony and I went to stay with Joe in Fort Myers for 5 days. Joe, his girlfriend Andi and of course, Teddy, were great hosts. I think I bruised my liver. Kelson and I went into the water on Captiva Island on St. Patrick's Day (windy, around 82) and the waves tossed us all over the place. After I fought against them for a while I crashed on a blanket and closed my eyes. After a few minutes, I hear a voice walking past us say, "Die hard Northerners!"

I think one of my favorite parts of the trip was when Kelson, Tony and I went kayaking in the mangrove framed waters of Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge. It was so peaceful and a good workout. Kelson and I shared a double kayak and Tony had a single. Kelson and I have kayaked together quite a few times on the Hudson but we seemed to have finally found a groove (after first running into a few mangroves!)

We arrived home for a hectic Tuesday night preparing for The Monthly Show with Aunt Flo. Wednesday I sat at my desk with my head threatening to hit my keyboard any minute. In between drooling I typed out a simple light plan for Kelson to follow, a show outline and got my index cards of guest questions and segment intros. Around 25 people filled the cozy side room of Jimmy's No.43. They were a warm, smart and fun crowd and friends and a few not so familiar faces I almost frightened away with my excited and inquisitive stare (which probably looked a little mad).

Despite a few issues like our headlining comic not showing up (communication glitch possibly?) and some technical difficulties, the show was a big success and we got a really positive response. Extra special thanks go out to our opening crowd warmer Laura Mannino who started the evening off with just the right tone of wry wit and charming sarcasm. The commercials, guest montage and man on the street segments were particular favorites. The audience was really impressed with the Original Times Square Hustlers who highlighted our man on the street spot with a "hot 16" called Men's Frustration". Of course the evening was complete when Aunt Flo swooped in (late as usual) and treated the audience t some of her "wisdom of the ages".

Our excellent band/gang of writers, actors, visionaries and comics* are getting together this Thursday to brainstorm the next installment of The Monthly Show on April 18th.

I am happily at home, half typing to you, half paying attention to "The Science of Sleep" which I am digging but which will never touch Eternal Sunshine in my heart and mind. It reminds me of things I saw when I was young and crazy and carefree. It also makes me think of all the recurring symbols and themes in my dreams. In times when I have resisted growth I have always encountered an angry, determined snake in my somnabulistic journeys. It has bitten and choked me - burning its image into my mind until I was forced to face all the things I didn't want to.

The sun that comes through my back window is warming my legs and the keyboard resting on them. The light dips in and out as the clouds pass.

I will be traveling soon - a trip to Maryland to hug and kiss my seestor and her wee bairn and then a trip to Buffalo. Sadly, the father of one of my oldest friends passed away last Friday after a rapid but incredibly sad deterioration of his body. It is getting to the point where the majority of my friends have either lost one or both parents. It may sound naive but I thought that wasn't supposed to be the case until we all reached our 40's.

Friday March 23rd would have been my mother's 59th birthday. I really lost her around 1998 but its all a big cyclone of time and pain that alternates on any given day as to the length and nature of one's perception. I miss her every day and every now and again find some comfort in an unconscious banishment of the truth of her death. I hold in my heart the idea that she isn't really gone - just perhaps away on a trip and I don't have to accept never being with her again.

Alas, truth and time are undeniable. She is with me...but not in the way I want.

I think that's all I can come up with for now. I don't want to leave you on a down note so I'll leave you with this clip of Lily Tomlin that's been circulating around the web. There was another one in the car with Dustin Hoffman that made me roll but I can't find it as most of the clips have been removed by the very talented Ms. Tomlin's people. I won't judge her behavior - well, not when it makes me giggle and involves flagrant use of the word FUCK!

Happy Spring my little chickens!

*Currently: Kelson, AB Carney, Emily Epstein, Claudia Cogan, Rob Gompers and BC Hawkins.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hall of Fame

I've seen people on various chat sites and message boards talking about Grandmaster Flash being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. I just want to weigh in here and say that Rock n Roll has always been the music of choice for those with no voice.

You don't have to have guitars to have a rock attitude.
Its about experimenting, pushing past acceptable norms and saying

Fuck you to convention.

That said...

Congratulations to the gents from the Boogie Down Bronx.