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Monday, February 19, 2007

WTF does shrove mean anyhow?

(I began this entry on Monday...)

Yesterday was a strange sort of wrinkle in time. I hung out in my apartment enjoying my solitude - alternately writing, painting and lying around in my own filth.
Finally around 4pm I ventured into the shower because I was starting to find myself offensive. Those are the times when a shower feels best - that and when you're sick and stay in bed for three days.

Sadly, I shall have to leave my warm and isolated cocoon in order to finally accept that my vacuum is gone. A trip to Best Buy is in my future along with the much dreaded trip to the laundromat. If I had a laptop I could probably make that experience fun. I'd also probably end up in a fist fight with one of my entertaining "subjects".

The following fabulous photo is from my friend Toniann Scime. She and I went to high school together. Along with my friends Kat, Brenda, Amy O, Melissa and Angela we ate lunch together for four years. In that spirit, when we are all in Buffalo at Chistmas we celebrate with an annual "I can't believe we still know each other from highschool" luncheon. It always seemed cool to me but not that big of a deal... until I talked with a bunch of people who can't tell me where anyone from their past is or which jail they're in.

The body count seems to dwindle each year with familial demands, ritual sacrifice etc. I am glad to say that I haven't missed one yet. (At least not that I recall).
One of Toniann's little xmas trinkets from me was a little Buddha figure who has now taken up residency on Noah's ark. The accompanying email came with my photo - I keep meaning to show you what Buddha's been up to. I have a Noah's Ark, not out of Christian sentiment, obviously, but because I always got a kick out of the animals all "two by two" and that... That is just too fucking adorable for words. It also got me thinking - I wonder if Buddha was sad that he had no one to walk 2x2 with. But then I remembered, Buddha doesn't need to be two by two when he is at one...
Previously mentioned friend Amy O. also sent me a cute little version of my own Sponge Bob song yesterday after I told her I was going to move to a dirigible under the sea.

Who lives in a dirigible under the sea? A-me-be-eth! Absorbent and yellow and porous is she! A-me-be-eth!
I also checked in on Toniann's blog today and liked this movie quote generator so I filled in my own. I was very siked (remember when we spelled it this way?) at the one I got since it is one of my favorite movies. Do you know what its from?

I'm looking for the Army of the Twelve Amybeth.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:

In honor of shrove Tuesday I'm going to have pancakes on Thursday. This evening, I am off to mi primita's to do some editing on the footage we shot Saturday. Yesterday I got home too late to make pancakes. Therefore pancakes on Thursday it is. I can have a shrove Thursday can't I? I mean I don't even observe Lent so I should actually get extra Christian points for doing something all Jesus like. I'll have to draw the line at ashes though.
It's that time of year where I always seem to offend someone so this year may as well not be any different. Here's some advice on standard seasonal answers. (I'll work on more later - off to Yoga!)

When people ask what you've given up for Lent - tell them simply... Lent
When asked why you have ashes on your head? You say they are the remnants of the Roast Lamb of God.
v. shrove (shrv) or shrived, shriv·en (shrvn) or shrived, shriv·ing, shrives
1. To hear the confession of and give absolution to (a penitent).
2. To obtain absolution for (oneself) by confessing and doing penance.

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  • Well, plus, Noah was all alone there, and now he has Buddha keeping him company. :)

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