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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday morning tv

I was flipping through channels* this morning and came across the Oak Ridge Boys singing about God and country. It wasn't the flashy sequined stars and stripes shirts they were wearing or the patriotic strains of "these colors don't run"and other such rhetorical, sentimental and trite shite.

What really got me was the commercial within to feed some of the country's hungriest and neediest children - all of which are apparently white Southerners. Now, I'm not saying the only people we should help are children of color living in inner cities. It was just the tone of the commercial that was so racist. The population that created it truly feels that they are forgotten. And they are - by the very government they elected. The same people watching this show and spouting these empty slogans are the very people that brought you the Presidency of Tommy Boy and the horrifying sequel of Dumb and Dumber.

My point is God and country are just as important to us Godless liberals even if we're not wearing a snazzy flag ensemble or driving a pickup with a gun rack.
Oh yeah, I've also discovered that I am afraid of this Oak Ridge Boy.

*When I say channels I mean the fluke like cable situation I have. The universe of Time Warner find it amusing to torment me. I have cable internet but no cable tv. When I hooked the cable to a splitter and plugged it into my tv, an amazing thing happened. I now have TBS (Seinfeld reruns), Comedy Central (which is usually on) and Spike (CSI reruns). However, I no longer get CBS or NBC and Fox can be touchy sometimes.

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