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Friday, February 09, 2007

That's my mo

From the entry marked 2/1/07
we get this delightful comment from BGH. Anonymously transparent (and a lovable ass...)

Anonymous said...

Hooray blog girl is back. See there are more than 2 people who read this. In explaining all that you've been up to, how could you forget to mention your new part time job at the lesbian club and your first lez sex experience that happened in January. Geez, hello details.
11:56 AM

January? Ummm. Maybe January 1990!!! I did go to college, ya know. That's when us old fashioned gals "experimented". Now the kids get all gaysted and fall all over their friends and people take pictures and post them on their MySpace page.

Do you like how I just tried to play it off like I use that term all the time? Or even coined it (BGH)!!!


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