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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Boys of Summer and other blather

No sweeter thing could have happened on Valentine's Day than pitchers and catchers reporting.

It means far more to me than any pink plush bear or massive mylar balloon could. Yes folks, it is time for the first official sign that spring is coming (screw that Groundhog - what the hell does he know? I mean really, how can you get an honest reaction out of him with all those screaming freaks around?)

I think mostly because of what was going on with my Momma I didn't see very much baseball last year. This year will be different though. I want to go back to the Ballpark and embrace the bauty of scoring a game, drinking a (disturbingly overpriced) beer and indulging in a dirty water dog or two. My only gripe - other than Steinbrenner's overinflated tickets and concessions - no relish! Can you imagine?*

Chances are pretty good I'll spend most of my time at Shea instead for two pertinent reasons. 1. It's cheaper at Shea. 2. My best friend buys multi- packs and seems to enjoy my obnoxious company at the games. I'll also see either the Mets or (evil) Red Sox at spring training in Florida in March. I need a good soak in the sea, a few rays of sun on my milky white flesh and the motivational horror of seeing myself in a bikini.

Unfortunately, I haven't been running much lately due to an ongoing injury. We aren't sure if its STILL just shin splints or if there might be a stress fracture. Next friday I'll see Dr. Thomas Novella at the Hospital for Special Surgery (Special = does not accept insurance!). I'm beginning to think the problem is due to my orthotics.
Yesterday we got some snow and freezing rain, which sucks, but I have to say it... NYers are pussies. Granted, this is a pedestrian city so it can be a huge pain in the ass to get down the sidewalk or have patience when elevated trains don't run as fast BUT come on people. In a previous post I spoke of the badge of honor NYer's wear, and rightfully so...But I have a badge from Buffalo too and it makes me hearty, down to earth and accessible. Say what you want about Buffalo but it is in fact a City of Good Neighbors. If there's a storm, you can bet that strangers will be out helping each other dig out and uncover their cars and homes.

Monday is a day off and therefor a long weekend. Oh, I am filled with joyousness and frivolity. I plan to do absolutely nothing. I won't even get up o use the bathroom. I'll wear diapers - they seem to be very popular these days. Shame? Pshaw!

Wow...all over the place. I almost forgot.

The Monthly Show with Aunt Flo will not take place on February 21st!!! Alas, we have bitten off a huge chunk and are still chewing. The show will be jam packed with silly commercials, a pro comic you're sure to love, lots of features and of course, you'll finally get to meet Aunt Flo and seek her cousel on any manner of things on your mind.

A minimum of thirty people will make this intimate and warm space seem packed while we all remain comfy and connected. That said punks, you need to bring yo ass and show some love. Really people, if you're in the area and you don't show - the next place you'll be summoned to for a visit with me will be a state mental hospital. (Although it does look real purty there.)
*If you don't like pickles in any form, what do you know?

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  • WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOME PEOPLE? Seriously, I love relish. I love it so much I even sometimes use it as a lubricant.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:46 PM  

  • Umm. That seems like it would burn something terrible!

    By Blogger Amybeth/AB, at 10:54 AM  

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