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Sunday, February 18, 2007

And now for something previously scheduled...

It wasn't an easy decision but it was a wise one...
The Monthly Show with Aunt Flo has been postponed until Wednesday, March 21 at 8pm.

When I went to speak to Jimmy about all the cool features the show will have...and how I'll need to take more time because of shooting schedules and my learning curve he was great; A little bit irritated but really understanding.

I went in for dinner this past week to smooth things over and following a big hug and a few minutes of assurances, all is copasetic.

I had the cheese plate and the beef stew. It was such a cold and windy evening that the stew hit my belly just right. And I didn't even feel bad about the cow! I usually feel guilt - either immediately or three days after the fact.
In preparation for Flo's debut I spent my Saturday afternoon with my cousin B.C. Hawkins, Ms.Emily Epstein and Kelson. We shot three of our commercial segments for the show featuring odd props and ridiculous outfits. Everything went great and if the amount of laughter from the participants is any guage, I think the audience will pee their pants.



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