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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Get On The Good Foot...

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Emily Dickinson had a boundless imagination and an intense craving for privacy. She wrote nearly 1800 poems, but kept them to herself, stashing most of them in a trunk belonging to her maid. Only seven of them were published while she was alive. Why did she hide the brilliant and prolific outpouring of her soul? No one really knows. Let's make sure you don't follow her example, Cancerian. In my astrological opinion, it's high time for you to begin revealing at least some of the incredible beauty that you conceal from the world. When you look back at this period of your life 40 years from now, maybe you'll say, "That was the turning point, when I stopped being such a closely guarded secret."

I love Rob Brezny's horoscopes. They're always witty and wise. I'm really not an astrology junkie but I do find it fascinating. The one above is especially fitting, I feel, this week.

Those who know me know that there is little to no filter between my brain and my mouth. However, when it comes to what I feel, I'm really guarded, frequently suspicious and tight-lipped.

Until of course, I erupt, having held it all in for far too long.

Then... the poor person who asked why I use Raw sugar instead of Splenda will hear all about how they never notice the little things, like that I've been using raw sugar for years and why are they just asking me about this now. Or I'll want to know why they're being so critical of things I care about. And of course, there would have to be something that pertains to jealousy or insecurity, like I bet all your other friends use Splenda, so now you think I should. Why do you want to change me?

Ok, that's mostly when I'm hormonal - but I am a mutable, changeable, moody bastard and I know it. (Just remember I can say that, and my best friend can point it out - but if you say it... Feel the wrath of a wounded Cancer.)

Holy rant... Queen of non-sequitors.

Anyhow, I've been thinking lately that I'm not coming even minutely close to tapping my creative potential or expressing myself in all the ways that I could be.

In that vein, I'm going to try to write more. More blog, more poetry, more comedy and most definitely the one woman show that has been trapped in my head for two years.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Waiting For the F train

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Mi hermanas y primitas...

Friday, July 15, 2005

Viva La Cancer!

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I used to hate that my sign was a crab. My sister and brother got to be lions, my Mom, a Ram, and my other sister a fish. However, over the years I've begun to really love the crab - especially since now I can see all the metaphors. : )