Make the burning stop.....

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bad seed

I've been a horribly inconsistent blogger as of late. sigh. I've had out of town guests, play readings, comedy shows and bad cramps : )

Anyhow, my good friend sent me this link today -

I thought it was flippin hilarious and proves that New Yorkers are some of the funniest people on the planet.

I'm terribly behind in relation to pop culture so if you discovered this site ages ago, just ignore me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Run Forrest Run!!!!

So I'm officially in training to run my first half marathon. My dear friend Melaina is my training coach. She's in school to become a personal trainer and such an encouraging and positive person (both traits one would want in a trainer, I imagine). She put together this 10 week training schedule for me wherein my weekly mileage will go from 8.5 in the first week to 18 by the end.

Half way through the Corporate Challenge (3.5 miles) last week I thought to myself,

"What the fuck am I thinking?"