Make the burning stop.....

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


See? You see what I mean? My first and only post was almost three weeks ago.

So here's what I've been up to.

I've spent a lot of time on the message boards at Fodors and have some mixed reactions about that. My first post was vaguely titled and I incurred the wrath of the Fodorite police. I was told no one wanted to play guessing games with me. I'll admit my reply was a bit snarky but I thought it was rather rude that this person (who could see I'm a new member by my profile) preferred to give me shit instead of advising me on the way I could get the most effective and useful responses.

The point of this is that I was amazed how much time people were willing to spend bickering back and forth over bullshit. Their primary complaint of course, was that I had wasted people's time. There were people defending me and people who sided with the other poster and all in all I wondered why people complaining about limited time had plenty of time for utter nonsense.


Who cares though. I'm off to Europe in one week for my first time out of the country. (Note: When you grow up in Western New York, Canada no longer counts as out of the country. )

The last big trip I took was in 1997 when I went cross country with my bestest friend Kelson in a red car named Annabelle Lee. This Toyota defied logic simply by making it to Pittsburgh but she proved to be an adventurous gal by traveling a total of 13,000 miles in six weeks (with two rather ripe dirty girls). It was the time of my life. Every day I woke up to a site more beautiful and breathtaking than the one before.

I am so grateful that I went when I did, as it wasn't long after that that my mother's diagnosis of early onset Alzheimers was reached. This led to a rather dark period that I have come to regard as a one of immense growth and pain. (Does one ever happen without the other? I wonder).

Anyhow, I'm just putting the finishing touches on our two daytrips. One to Versailles and the other Ostia Antica - just outside Rome. And... My very cool little tiny digital camera just came so you can be sure I'll post pictures of Kelson and I doing inappropriate things in places we've never been : )